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Kids Listen is a grassroots collective of podcasts for kids. Every Tuesday they release an activity podcast for kids to play along. We love our creative friends and their podcasts, and highly recommend you check out

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Awesome Teachers


can you guess what these sounds are?

S2E7: Sci-POW

S2E6: Back to School

S2E5: Martial Arts

S2E4: Dogs vs Cats

S2E3: On-Stage

S2E2: Embarrassing Parent

S2E1: Video Games

bad dad

does your dad tell jokes?

Sometimes they're so awful, they're actually funny.

Send me a recording of your version of your dad's worst joke.

(it doesn't actually have to be your dad.)

riddle me this

can you solve these riddles?

Oliver: There are two doors, one door leads to Heaven and one door leads to Hell. There is a person standing in front of each door. One of these people always tells the truth and one of these people always tells lies. You don't know which person always tells the truth and which one always tells lies. You don't know which door leads to Heaven and which door leads to Hell. You can ask one of these people one question. Once you pick a door, you have to go through that door and you can't go through a door without picking it.

Warren: I see without eyes. I have a mouth but don't eat and I go without walking, what am I?

Jessie: What do you call a rabbit (or bunny) with fleas?

trippin' errol

can you stump my guru?

In Episode 2: Superheroes we tried to trip Errol about the comics world. He knew so much!

In Episode 9: Food I’d say we succeeded. Do you know what haggis is?

What shall we try to trip him with next? Email me.

virtual beastRo

a "would you rather?" segment

Virtual beastRo is a new segment introduced in Episode 4. Roland (Ro) and Ari (Beast) discuss "would you rather?" scenarios.

If you'd like to present one for them to discuss, record yourself on the big mic.

writer's corner

do you like to write?

If you want to write a short story or poem about one of our future episode's topic, we'd love to include it. You can send us an email for Ari to read, record it yourself, heck you can act it, sing it, rap it. Use a phone or the big mic and email us.

cover art

are you an artist?

Would you like to design the cover art for a future episode? One big challenge is that it needs to look good both as landscape and as a square. It also needs to have the name of the episode in big letters. The rest is up to you and your creativity. Email it.

got an idea?

we want to hear from you!

Tell us about it. It can be a segment idea, an interview question, anything!! Ari loves hearing from you and would love to bring you in - any way you'd like to be included. So tell us what you'd like and we'll try to make it happen.

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guess music for it

We love to play games with you. Did you know our favorite game is the music trivia one? But we don't have a lot of kids/families guessing. We are dying to meet the families that enjoy the trombone bits guessing games. So send us your imperfect list of guesses and we'll be so happy, we'll send you a t-shirt for free.

You'll find this challenge on

Email Ari your guesses and we will hook you up!

He covers everything from video games ... to heady concepts like time
Wow, this may easily be one of the coolest concepts for a kid-friendly podcast...
It offers hope and teaches kids relevant values such as resiliency and creativity
This is one of the best podcasts... a very well thought out and produced show
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