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We are always looking for kids who would like to be on the show. We hope you'll reach out!

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Who is your favorite YouTuber?

The final episode of season 3 will be 'YouTubers'. This episode will have a video component. Would you like to be in it? Send us your recording (audio or video).

Answer the question 'Who is your favorite YouTuber?' / Tell us a joke / or whatever you think should be on the 'YouTubers' episode.

Record yourself and email Ari, or call (617) 299-1652.


We would love to collaborate with you. Want to bring your lesson plan to life and engage your kids through fun and creativity? We're a very small team that is looking for your spark.

Talk to Tal (producer and Ari's mom) or Stacia (Chief Engagement Officer and Tal's BFF).


We've been guiding a few kids to build their own segments, would you like your kid to join us? You're invited too if you like!

Just reach out, we'd love to meet you. Ages 9-12 seem to be our range, but we're pretty flexible.


This is YOUR show!!!! If you haven't noticed, we want to give your talent and personality a platform. How can you grow it?

Are you a cheese lover, an artist, boss at trampolining, a wacky story-maker-upper?

Every episode is an exploration into something YOU'RE interested in. We'd love your input, the crazier the better. Lead us somewhere new - no rules - the sky's the limit, we're all ears.


what episode do you want?

Dear Future Me


these are some of our favorite episodes... you can also view the whole list

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