Are you ready for Season 2?

Ari: I want you to know that we get SO happy when we hear from you!!

Rhys: Hi Ari. Can you please make more episodes. Bye.

Ari: We love, love, love that you want more episodes!!! I want you to know that we're doing our best to get them out to you as soon as we can, but it's just me and my mom and she strongly believes in quality over quantity. As do I!

Shaanvi: Hi. I'm Shanvi. and ,so tomorrow is the last Wednesday of the month. So, yeah

Ari: Hi Shanvi. You got it- that's exactly right, we're going to stick with the last Wednesday of every month. So subscribe and you'll get it then.

Gwen: I would love to be a guest on your show. I saw you on What If World and I was really expired, and yeah, byee.

Shaanvi: Hi again. Can I be a guest? I really wanna be a guest. So, yeah..

I would really like to be a guest. Yeah. Ok I'm out.

Ari: Hi Gwen, Hi again Shanvi, Of course!! You are ALL welcome to be a guest!!! ANY kid out there that wants to be a guest, can be on the show.

But.. when you leave me a message, don't forget to leave an email address or phone number or something!! So I can get back to you.

It would also help if you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you're into and what you're good at. That way we can put you in an episode where you can talk about the stuff you like!

Ari: Ok, but now for the real reason I'm recording this season2 preview bit: 

We're looking for your sound clip of something embarrassing your parent did. Now I obviously don't know what your family's like, but I'll tell you that my mom actually ENJOYS being embarrassing. Think of the cop dad in the beginning of 'Into the spiderverse' movie. You know, the 'you gotta say I love you back' on the PA system bit? Except I don't even want to think of what she would say if she got a hold of one!

Do you have one of those too? Embarrassing parent, that is.

Share your story with me and I'll send an At Your Level T-shirt to the best ones.

You can either record a memo on a phone, use the big mic on or email me at and I'll read it on the embarrassing parents episode.

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. 

Shaanvi: Ok byee.